Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Invasive species

At our annual meeting on August 28, 2011, Rachel Patry gave a good presentation on the dangers of  invasive species with particular attention to the menace of zebra mussels. As she explained, 'The presence of zebra mussels in the Outaouais region is beginning to seriously worry scientists and boaters in the area. They are found in large numbers in the quarry lake near the Casino, but we fear they are spreading rapidly in other bodies of water.'

The main preventive measures she recommended were to:

1. Learn to identify zebra mussels;

2. Examine your boat, trailer and equipment and fully remove any mud, aquatic plants, animals and visible debris before leaving the body of water;

3. Drain water from your boat, fish well and bilge before leaving the water;

4. Do not put back in the water live or dead fish from another lake. Place them instead in the garbage or on the ground away from the water. Empty water from your bait bucket on the ground and clean your bucket. Do not draw water from a lake or river with your bait bucket if it still contains water from another lake.

5. Clean your boat, trailer and everything that has been submerged, if possible, with warm water (> 40 ° C) and / or under a stream of high pressure water, or leave everything to dry for at least five days before sailing into another body of water;

6. Use a car wash, where it exists, before putting your boat into a new body of water; and

7. Never put live zebra mussels back in the water.

At the Agence Bassin Versant des 7 (Agency of 7 Watersheds) site, they explain that there are six aquatic invasive species active in the Outaouais region - zebra mussels, quagga mussels, Eurasian watermilfoil, rusty crayfish, spiny water flea, and fishook water flea. For more information, check the following link:  ABV7 - Invasive species

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