Monday, September 26, 2011

Shoreline regulations (RCI 2009-206)

The shoreline regulations adopted by the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau in 2009 and enforced as of August 2011 restricts all property owners in mowing grass within a 10 m border next to the shoreline (or 15 m if the slope of the shoreline is greater than 30 degrees). As mentioned previously, a petition signed by more than 400 persons was presented to the MRC and a resolution adopted by the Association was also presented to them. We await their reply.

In brief, the position of the Executive Committee of the Association is as follows: we object to the unacceptable manner that the process was undertaken and applied; we object to the exaggerated requirements for the width of the shoreline border; and we question the logic of this regulation since it does not address the most serious sources of pollution: creeks and ditches, roads, and septic tanks. Without a doubt, we encourage revegetation on a voluntary basis and we have asked the MRC to establish a regulation to attack the real sources of pollution. 

For those interested in reading the actual text of the regulation, please click the attached link. MRC shoreline regulation

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