Monday, September 19, 2011

Water level report and resolution

At the annual meeting of the association on August 28, 2011, a report was tabled on the water level of Grand Lac Rond (Roddick) for 2010 and 2011. The report (copy attached below) recounts how the water level fluctuates widely and how it is adversely affected by the dam at Lac des 31 Milles and by the creek at its western end.

A resolution was also adopted at the meeting requesting that the Centre d'expertise hydrique du Québec (the owners of the dam) cease actions which harm the stabilization of water levels on our lake. It reads as follows:

Whereas the dam at Lac 31 Milles discharges large quantities of water twice a year – in February-March when water levels on Lac 31 Milles are dropped by 35 cm (13.8 inches), and then in September when water levels on Lac 31 Milles are dropped by 19 cm (7.5 inches).
Whereas Grand Lac Rond (Roddick) is flooded twice a year by discharges from the dam at Lac 31 Milles resulting in water levels rising over 60 cm (24 inches) on each occasion.
Whereas the flooding of Grand Lac Rond (Roddick) results in erosion of the shoreline, in unnaturally high-water marks, and in damage to docks and other property.
Whereas the dam at Lac 31 Milles retains large volumes of water in the period from mid-May to late August at unnaturally high water levels (162.15 m).
Whereas the retention of large volumes of water at Lac 31 Milles has a negative impact on the watershed downstream and notably on Grand Lac Rond (Roddick) resulting in extremely low water levels which adversely affects (i) aquatic plants on the shoreline, (ii) the ability of fish to reproduce, (iii) water supplies used by residents for their households, (iv) the quality of the water which becomes extremely warm and stagnant ; (v) fixed docks which become dangerous or unuseable due to their height over the water surface, and (v) transportation through the channel linking the two large portions of the lake which becomes difficult or nonexistant.
Therefore, IT IS RESOLVED, - That the property owners of the dam at Lac 31 Milles (le Centre d'expertise hydrique du Québec) be requested :
(i)            to cease flooding Grand Lac Rond (Roddick) in February-March and in September of each year;
(ii)          to cease retaining large quantities of water on Lac 31 Milles in the period from mid-May to late August to the detriment of the downstream watershed; and
(iii)         to develop a realistic plan for the stablization of water levels on Lac 31 Milles so that its environmental effect on the shoreline of Grand Lac Rond (Roddick) is mitigated.

For a copy of the water level report, please click on the following link.

Water level report