Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fish stocking

Following the annual meeting of the Association on July 8, 2012, the President wrote a letter to the mayors of Bouchette and Ste-Thérèse concerning fish stocking. Here is an extract of that letter:

The following is in response to a demand by members of the Association of Grand Lac Rond at our annual meeting on July 8, 2012.

At that meeting, we discussed the growing quantity of suspended particles and the increase of phytoplankton in the waters of the Grand Lac Rond. It seems that this problem is caused by a lack of fish in the lake, because they feed on these and other particles and phytoplankton. Members asked the Executive Committee to increase the amount of fish stocked in the lake, in order to correct the situation.

However, we are faced with a lack of financial resources, because fish stocking is a very expensive activity. This correspondence is therefore intended to request a grant of $1,000 to assist the Association to defray the costs of increasing the stocking of Grand Lac Rond. Since we share the common goal to encourage all efforts to ensure the sustainability of our lake, I'm sure you will agree to participate in this project.

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