Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Resolution concerning the RCI 2009-206

Here is the text of the resolution which was adopted at the Annual General Meeting on July 8, 2012:

WHEREAS, the MRC of the Vallée de la Gatineau adopted the Interim Control By-law (RCI) 2009-206 in August 2009, which was officially implemented in August 2011;

WHEREAS, the Association of Grand Lac Rond (Lake Roddick) has invited shoreline property owners to respect the By-law, as indicated in its Newsletter of 2012;

WHEREAS, the RCI 2009-206 is mainly intended to revegetate the shoreline in order to improve the quality of water in the watersheds of the Gatineau Valley;

WHEREAS, shorelines are not the principle sources of pollution on our lakes, and the RCI 2009-206 ought to be only the first of a series of measures addressing the optimal quality of our water sources;

WHEREAS, the pollution of lakes stems primarily from watershed runoff, septic systems which are not in conformity, and the drainage of sediment from roads, ditches and streams, farmlands and shoreline erosion;

WHEREAS, shoreline property owners of Grand Lac Rond are upset over the sighting of red algae over the last two years and  want every measure to be taken to preserve the precious natural resource of Grand Lac Rond;

WHEREAS, on the shoreline of Grand Lac Rond, certain septic systems continue not to be in conformity, the erosion of the shoreline in some places has adverse consequences, and several streams and ditches drain directly into the lake;

WHEREAS, the implementation of a regulation targeting runoff from streams and ditches, septic tanks, agricultural land, and shoreline erosion, would have a major beneficial impact on the water quality of Grand Lake Round;

WHEREAS, if the municipal and regional authorities really want to ensure the quality of our watershed, they cannot morally refuse to support our demands;

IT WAS PROPOSED BY Constance Leduc,
SECONDED BY Pierre Parisien

That the Association of Grand Lac Rond (Lake Roddick) urges the MRC of the Vallée de la Gatineau to establish a regulation for its territory with the objective of :
·                    having  all septic systems in full compliance,
·                    cleaning up streams and ditches draining into lakes, and
·                    adopting the necessary measures, as listed above, to prevent further erosion of the shorelines of these lakes
and that this is done to safeguard our watershed which is a priceless resource.

In addition, the Association also asks that the municipalities of Bouchette and Ste-Therese-de-la-Gatineau officially support this resolution, and to promote it before the MRC-VG.

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