Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Resolution concerning road paving

Here is the text of the resolution adopted at the Annual General Meeting on July 8, 2012:

WHEREAS  the cottagers of Grand Lac Rond in Bouchette pay 73% of the taxes received by the municipality of Bouchette;

WHEREAS  the services offered by the municipality of Bouchette to its cottagers are bascially the maintenance of roads and the collection of garbage;

WHEREAS  cottagers are tired of travelling on dusty roads or in washing their vehicles each time that they take the Montée 31 Milles and/or the Chemin Paul;

WHEREAS  asphalted roads existed since the 1990s and were removed with the promise that they would be paved again soon;

WHEREAS  the Mayor Réjean Major, at a meeting with the members of the Executive Committee of the Association of Grand Lac Rond, on October 15, 2011, said that the municipality would pave the Montée 31 Milles and the Chemin Paul in 2012;

WHEREAS  the Mayor Réjean Major told us that the municipality would spread calcium on the roads to prevent dust, and between the end of March and the first of June, no calcium was spread;

WHEREAS in recent weeks, calcium was applied strictly in front of residences on these roads, and we continue to drive in the dust;

WHEREAS  the speading of calcium is harmful to the ecology and in particular to the water quality of Grand Lac Rond;

WHEREAS  the shoreline owners of Grand Lac Rond are worried about the quality of water of their lake, and especially since the sighting of red algae this past winter;

WHEREAS the clouds of dust on these roads are likely to cause serious injury and could even be a source of many claims against the municipality of Bouchette;

WHEREAS rock dust on the Monté 31 Milles is toxic and harmful to the lungs of people who drive there;

WHEREAS  municipalities may received grants from higher levels of government  to repave roads;

SECONDED BY Pierre Martin,

AND RESOLVED THAT  the members of the Association of Grand Lac Rond urgently request the municipality of Bouchette to use the taxes collected from cottagers to asphalt the Montée des 31 Milles and the Chemin Paul this year in 2012.

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