Monday, August 13, 2012

Septic installations

Following the annual meeting of the Association, the inspector of Ste-Thérèse submitted the following information concerning septic installations. Here an extract from the regulations freely translated:

In what situations can the septic system of an isolated dwelling consisting of a catch basin be found to be not in order?
A municipality must require the upgrading of a septic system when it is not in accordance with Regulations on the evacuation and treatment of wastewater from isolated dwellings. A septic system including a catch basin is deemed unacceptable to the Regulations in each of the following:

1. When waste water from the house are a source of nuisance, a source of contamination of well water or spring water used for food or a source of surface water contamination;
2. When the pit was constructed after August 12, 1981. Indeed, installing a catch basin to treat waste water from an isolated dwelling has been banned since August 12, 1981, date of entry into force of the Regulations. A municipality may require an owner who built this type of installation after August 12, 1981 to make his septic system meets the standards prescribed by this regulation since at the time of its construction, there violated;
3. When, after 12 August 1981, a bedroom was added to the residence, when there was an increase in operating capacity or operation in the case of another building or when the septic system modified, moved or enlarged. These cases and those involving any work performed on a septic system consisting of a catch basin after August 12, 1981 result in a loss of the right enjoyed by the owner. The owner must make his waste water treatment comply with current regulations.

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