Sunday, October 28, 2012

Water test results 2012

We conducted two sets of water tests this fall because the results of the first tests were questionable – they were very different from one place to another, and some showed extremely poor results.  We have attached a map of the lake showing the results in question:  the numbers on the lake reflect the results of tests made ​​on September 3, and the numbers on the edge of the map (outside) are those of tests made ​​on September 30.  As you can see, the numbers have varied greatly in the space of 27 days!

We therefore asked Andrée-Anne Paul, biologist and member of the Executive Committee, to try to explain this unusual situation.  According to her, these are the probable causes of these changes in water quality:

1                    Discharge of septic tanks in the lake.  We suspect that some septic installations around the lake are not in conformity, contrary to what the municipalities affirm.  It is imperative that each owner take the necessary steps to ensure their installations comply, and within the shortest possible time.

2          Animal waste, for example ducks and mammals (e.g., horses). We must again repeat that it is forbidden to feed the ducks and deer. 

3          Heavy rains that wash the soil and bring sediment into the lake, which is very detrimental to water quality.

4          In September, due to cooling temperatures, "water stirring" can begin, placing  nutrients and bacteria from the lake bottom into the water column.

IMPORTANT: Coliforms are bacteria from the animal digestive system, thus found in animal feces. Some of these bacteria have the ability to reproduce in the water.

In conclusion, the Executive Committee has decided to conduct water testing at the same time each year, in mid-June. In addition, we will also be sampling water in August for a few years in order to compare with previous years.  Moreover, it is clear that the Association must continue to raise the awareness of waterfront property owners. It is absolutely essential that we all recognize that each of our actions can have an impact on the water quality of our lake.
Think about it seriously before it is too late ...

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